William Morris Meeting Rooms

William Morris Meeting Rooms is on the Broadway opposite the Polka Theatre and next to the Hotel Antoinette.

The architectural style of the building is an example of the mid-Victorian (circa 1867) era.

There is an access-friendly lift to the Upper Ground Floor. If you require use of the lift, please contact us and we will show you how to operate the lift.

For those of you who are looking for Tunnel 267, the club can be found on the Lower Ground Floor (accessed via the bottom left of this picture).

Our largest Room is the Tony Kane Room (Room 1).
The George Bernard Shaw and Rose Lamartine Yates Rooms (Rooms 3 and 4) can be combined and here is a view of the two rooms opened up for use. Currently, they must be booked together, but can be divided for group work.
The Tom Braddock Room (Room 7) on the top floor is a large open space and can be used for a variety of events from dance to meetings.
Towards the rear of the House on the Upper Ground Floor is a small kitchenette (pictured below).

© Photographs by Susanne Hakuba (2017) : Website: www.susannehakuba.com